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100% Pure Melipona Honey Eye Drops - Made By Stingless Bees

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*This is a seasonal product that is not available all year round.

100% Pure Melipona Honey Eye Drops - Made By Stingless Bees (Natural Relief for Dry, Irritated Eyes, Symptom Relief, Product Of Mexico) (Gotas De Miel Chumelito, Miel Virgen, Miel Angel)

• 👁 CLEAR EYES - Can assist with blurry/cloudy vision, red irritated eyes. Hydrates/refreshes tired eyes.

• 🍯 100% NATURAL - Made of pure Melipona honey imported from Mexico, where these bees are native. Naturally antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties in honey promote eye health.

• ❤️ MADE WITH LOVE - Our honey is made with LOVE! Pure, raw, and unrefined; made with old school techniques as close to the bees and beehive as possible. We practice sustainable beekeeping and make the happiness of our bees a priority.

• ❌ NO ADDITIVES - Made without any additives, fillers, or preservatives. Raw honey straight from the beehive.

• 💧 EASY TO USE - Easy to use bottle, just open and apply. Compact design allows you to take anywhere.

• 🌎 SAVE THE BEES! - Your purchase directly supports the vital role of bees in pollinating nearly 75% of the world's crops, ensuring the growth of essential foods and fostering a healthy ecosystem.

Experience the soothing power of nature with our Melipona Honey Eye Drops. Derived from the rare and precious honey produced by the Melipona bees, (Also known as stingless bees) these bees only produce about 1 liter per hive, per year! Our carefully crafted eye drops harness the exceptional benefits of this remarkable honey, Honey has antibacterial properties that help with eye infections, and provide immediate relief and long-lasting hydration for dry, tired, and irritated eyes. Topically applied honey can help with inflammation and irritation in your eye, it can also deal harmful bacteria that could be causing an eye irritation. Packed with unique enzymes and antioxidants, Melipona honey has been treasured for centuries by indigenous cultures for its remarkable healing properties. Our honey drops are free from harsh chemicals or artificial additives. Rediscover the joy of clear, comfortable vision with our Melipona Honey Eye Drops today!

Tetragonisca angustula is a species of very small stingless bees, most commonly found in México, Central and South America. They are known by a many names depending where you go, these are some of the names of subspecies of the stingless bee: Chumelo, Chumelito, Virgencitas, Virginitas, Angelitas, Meliponini, Españolita, Mariola, Chipisas, Mariolitas, Jatai, Inglesas, Sweat Bees, and Sugar-Bag Bees.

Ingredients: Melipona Honey.

Origin/Location: Yucatan, Mexico.

Suggested Use:
Apply 2 drops, 2 times a day.

May feel sting upon applying.

* Not for infants under 1 year of age.
* Do NOT refrigerate *Do NOT Microwave.
* In case of crystallization, do not worry! Real honey will crystallize, to fix this, dip the container in some warm water (about 95 °F) and the honey will return to its original state.
* CAUTION: Allergen Statement - For those with allergies to honey or bees, we recommend consulting your healthcare professional before consuming bee products.

Customer Reviews

Based on 112 reviews
Complete Order incredible

Everything in my order was delivered the quality is amazing and delivery unbelievable fast results

Melipona Honey Eye Drops - Stingless Bee Honey (Gotas De Miel de Chumelito, Virgen, Angel) 10ml

I can not believe how quickly the results are specially from the eye drops incredible quality and fast results

I order consistently from Honey Plus Co INCREDIBLE COMPANY

Agnes Grady
This eyedrop is the best I have used. My eyesight is clearer than it has been in years.

I use these drops for dry eyes. They have done wonders for my eyesight. However, they do sting a bit. If you use them get prepared. I use them twice a day. They are expensive, but worth the price.

Madie Bartoletti
Good quality

Its a great deal to be able to buy this superb medicinal honey in a small bottle. This seems like great quality, putting it in my eye for a cataract it stings just a tiny but at first but its really not that bad. Makes my eye feel really good I just put a small drop on a clean fingertip then place it on the inside of my lower lid , it feels very good and moisturized afterwards, very grateful for this affordable sterile medicine!

Shaina Schoen
I think they work better than any other drops

So sometimes my eyes still do get insanely dry again if I go a day without these drops, and I've been using them almost every day for a month or two... so my only gripe is that I wish they were permanently fix my dry eye...because, man, I just do not want to be having to put stinging drops in my eyes for the rest of my life. Yes these drops do sting, they are supposed to but it hurts. The pain is worth it but def hope the natural moisture in my eyes will be restored enough to where I don't have to use these anymore. Fingers crossed after maybe a year of using these my eyes will be as they were before wearing contacts everyday destroyed them and zapped all my moisture.

Golda Buckridge
Much needed relief for dry eyes

I suffer from Dry eyes, blepharitis, and MGD, and am on prescription drops. I do still get really bad flares from time to time, and these drops are a lifesaver. Your eyes will burn with the power of 1,000 suns when you first put them in, but it goes away after about 10 seconds. Once the burning stops, it is immediate relief. If you miss your eye, the skin can get a little sticky, but it wipes up easily. These have provided more relief than any other drop I have tried.