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100% Natural Beeswax Candle

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100% Natural Handmade Beeswax Candle

• 🍯 100% NATURAL - Pure and unadulterated premium quality beeswax sourced from the hive and crafted with care for a true nature-inspired experience. Enjoy the delicate scent of honey, adding a touch of nature to your surroundings.

• 🕯️ HEMP WICK - Enjoy a cleaner, safer and eco-friendly burn with our beeswax candle, featuring a sustainable hemp wick for a longer-lasting and cleaner flame.

• 🔥 LONGER LASTING BURN - Indulge in the long-lasting glow of our beeswax candle, designed to burn slowly and evenly for hours of enchanting illumination.

• ❤️ HANDMADE WITH LOVE IN THE USA - Our beeswax candles are made with LOVE! Pure, raw, and unrefined; made with old school techniques as close to the bees and beehive as possible. We practice sustainable beekeeping and make the happiness of our bees a priority.

• 🐝 HEALTHY AMERICAN BEES - Made by healthy American bees, inspected by city and state, with sustainable farming practices for a thriving and sustainable bee community.

• 🌎 SAVE THE BEES! - Your purchase directly supports the vital role of bees in pollinating nearly 75% of the world's crops, ensuring the growth of essential foods and fostering a healthy ecosystem.

Illuminate your space with the warm glow of our 100% natural handmade beeswax candle. Made with LOVE in the U.S.A., each candle is a testament to the beauty of nature and the artistry of handcrafting.

Indulge in the luxurious ambiance of our natural beeswax candles, meticulously handcrafted with care using only the finest natural beeswax sourced from our trusted apiaries. With its distinctive golden hue and delicate honeyed scent, this candle creates a captivating atmosphere that soothes the senses and uplifts the spirit. Paired with a hemp wick for a clean and eco-friendly burn, each candle embodies the essence of sustainability and craftsmanship. Whether you're unwinding after a long day or enhancing a special occasion, our beeswax candle adds a touch of elegance and warmth to any setting. Experience the pure essence of nature with every flicker of the flame, and let the radiant glow of our beeswax candle illuminate your moments with beauty and serenity.

Ingredients: Beeswax.

Origin/Location: Southern California.

Trim wick to 1/4'' before lighting.
Only burn on level surface.
Do not burn for more than 4 hours at a time.

Burn within sight.
Keep away from flammable objects.
Keep away from children and pets. 

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