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Honey Plus Co | Honey Bee Bucket Hat - Full Print Style 12

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Show your love and support for nature's best pollinators with our honeybee-inspired apparel. Buzzing with style and crafted with care, these items celebrate the beauty of bees and the sweetness they bring. Join the buzz and wear your love for bees and honey proudly.

Step into the world of our pollinator friends with our delightful collection of honeybee-inspired apparel. Each design is crafted with care to capture the essence of these remarkable creatures and the sweetness they bring to our lives. From buzzing bees to intricate honeycomb patterns, our items celebrate the beauty of nature and promote awareness about the importance of bees in our ecosystem. Made with premium materials for elegance and durability, these items are not only a fashionable statement but also a symbol of your love for bees and the environment. Embrace your connection with these remarkable pollinators and wear your passion proudly with Honey Plus Co apparel.

 Material: 100% polyester
 • Available in 2 sizes
 • Two stitching color options to pick from
 • Sewn-in label
 • Made in USA





  Small Large
Circumference, in 22.01 24.02
Crown height, in 5.51 5.91
Brim length , in 2.17 2.17