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100% Natural Raw Unfiltered Honeycomb

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*This is a seasonal product that is not available all year round.

100% Natural, Raw, and Unfiltered delicious honeycomb made by American bees.

• 🍯 100% NATURAL RAW UNFILTERED - This is honey in its most natural and pristine form, extracted directly from the beehive with zero additives, pesticides or heat treatment. Our honey is farmed with the highest standards.

• ✔️ UNTOUCHED BY MAN - 100% Made by bees, unpasteurized, untouched by man. A delightful delicacy with the many natural benefits of pure honey.

• ❤️ MADE WITH LOVE - Our honey is made with LOVE! Pure, raw, and unrefined; made with old school techniques as close to the bees and beehive as possible. We practice sustainable beekeeping and make the happiness of our bees a priority.

• 💪 VERSATILE - Aside from being delicious, honey has many benefits! A spoonful can keep you energized! Spread on toast, add to tea, drizzle on salads, or eat raw!

• 🐝 HEALTHY AMERICAN BEES - Made by healthy American bees, inspected by city and state, with sustainable farming practices for a thriving and sustainable bee community.

• 🌎 SAVE THE BEES! - Your purchase directly supports the vital role of bees in pollinating nearly 75% of the world's crops, ensuring the growth of essential foods and fostering a healthy ecosystem.

Indulge in the purest form of nature's sweet treasure with our delicious Honeycomb. Made by honeybees with meticulous craftsmanship, each hexagonal cell of this golden honeycomb is brimming with rich, raw honey. Savor the harmonious blend of floral flavors and natural sweetness as you experience the unique texture of this edible work of art.

Experience a taste that transcends the ordinary! Our delicious premium honey is always 100% natural, raw, & unfiltered, and we never ever ever ever remove or add any other ingredients to our honey (Like fructose corn syrup!). Our Honey is buzzing with many vital naturally occurring nutrients, vitamins, minerals, proteins, antioxidants and enzymes that have major health benefits. Crafted with care and sourced meticulously from the best beekeepers in the world, our honey captures the essence of the sun-kissed blossoms and nectar-rich wildflowers that paint our beautiful planet. Our honey is more than just a jar of golden goodness, it's a way of life, a healthier way of life! In each jar of Honey, you hold more than just honey, you hold the essence of life ! Harness the power and the benefits of nature’s sweetest gift in each golden drop.

Ingredients: Honey.

Origin/Location: Southern California.

* Not for infants under 1 year of age.
* Do NOT refrigerate *Do NOT Microwave.
* In case of crystallization, do not worry! Real honey will crystallize, to fix this, dip the container in some warm water (about 95 °F) and the honey will return to its original state.
* CAUTION: Allergen Statement - For those with allergies to honey or bees, we recommend consulting your healthcare professional before consuming bee products.

Customer Reviews

Based on 47 reviews
Lawrence Kling
Sage Honey is the best tasting natural honey!

Delicious! Light and sweet, but not too sweet. The honey is almost clear, and the taste is unique. It doesn't fill you up as fast as other honey types, so you can eat more without getting that sickly feeling you get when eating a lot of sweets. The comb is wax and has a texture similar to gum when chewed. It is edible, but you can just eat the honey and spit out the comb when it becomes a little gum ball. I love the plastic case it comes in, reusable.

Cristopher Harris

Nice, it is wonderful!

Tatum Weimann

The best overall honey to purchase! The Honey Plus Co company prides themselves on there responsibly farmed, cruelty free, organic honey. The rich taste and aroma of each type of honey is unique and delicious. My favorite product is the honeycomb followed by a close second orange blossom honey!

Royce Blick

Totally what I asked for, arrived faster than expected, good quality

Mauricio Lowe

THE BEST! The best honey ever. It is so sweet and light. It leaves a delightful taste in your mouth. The honeycomb smells sweet and is pretty easy to chew. The whole family enjoyed this.