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100% Natural Fresh Bee Pollen

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*This is a seasonal product that is not available all year round.

100% Natural Fresh Bee Pollen (Antioxidant, For Allergies, Stamina, Muscle)

• ✔️ NATURE’S MULTIVITAMIN - Bee pollen contains clean protein, free-forming amino acids, and essential nutrients. It is high in B vitamins, which support energy production and are critical to thousands of processes within the body

• 🌻 100% NATURAL - Our bee pollen is 100% natural & truly fresh, never heated or dried to ensure all nutrients and enzymes remain intact. Our products are always third party lab tested to ensure they never contain pesticide residue or nasty chemicals. Keto-friendly, Paleo-friendly, and gluten-free. No artificial preservatives, colors, refined sugar, gluten, wheat, yeast, corn, soy, dairy, egg.

• 💪 POLLEN GIVES YOU POWER - Bee pollen is used by many pro athletes to help enhance athletic performance and promote speedy recovery after a tough workout. It can also help boost stamina and boost your immune system.

• ❤️ MADE WITH LOVE - Our pollen is made with LOVE! Pure, raw, and unrefined; made with old school techniques as close to the bees and beehive as possible. We practice sustainable beekeeping and make the happiness of our bees a priority.

• 🐝 HEALTHY AMERICAN BEES - Made by healthy American bees, inspected by city and state, with sustainable farming practices for a thriving and sustainable bee community.

• 🌎 SAVE THE BEES! - Your purchase directly supports the vital role of bees in pollinating nearly 75% of the world's crops, ensuring the growth of essential foods and fostering a healthy ecosystem.

Experience the power of nature with our premium Bee Pollen. Sourced from trusted beekeepers, our bee pollen is a true superfood packed with essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, carotenoids, flavonoids, phytosterols, fatty acids, and enzymes. Bee Pollen is great for getting rid of allergies and boosting the immune system, plus it also gives you power! The Egyptians called bee pollen the universal healer, and today many athletes use it to help muscle growth and build stamina. Each golden granule is meticulously collected by bees from a diverse range of flowers, ensuring a rich and varied nutritional profile. Boost your vitality, support your immune system, and enhance your overall well-being with this natural powerhouse. Consume it raw, with a spoonful of honey, or add a sprinkle of our to your favorite smoothies, yogurt, or cereal for a delicious and nutritious boost.

Ingredients: Bee Pollen.

Origin/Location: Southern California.

Suggested Use:
Start by taking 2-3 grains per day for 1 week.
After that, take one teaspoon daily.

* Keep Refrigerated.
* CAUTION: Allergen Statement - For those with allergies to honey or bees, we recommend consulting your healthcare professional before consuming bee products.
* Consult your healthcare professional before use.

Customer Reviews

Based on 70 reviews
Mike Johnson

This is such a blessing. I used this and it helped with allergies. I stopped sneezing and my eyes 👀 are no longer itching or swollen puffy and red. My throat no longer is uncomfortable.. this is such a great amazing miracle. Thank you for selling this. No side effects.

Kyle Mackey

Nice, it is wonderful!

Marshall Dep
Allergy Life Saver

I use this for my dogs and it has helped their allergies during the spring time ten fold.

Elfrieda Quitzon

Totally what I asked for, arrived faster than expected, good quality

Kelley Schoen

Very nice the glass, in shipping it is safe